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10th Annual International ADI Conference
Asian Dynamics Initiative, University of Copenhagen
18-20 June 2018    


Researching Digital in Asia

Convener: Jun Liu, Dept. of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen

The panel invites scholars to discuss and (critically) reflect upon research related to digitalization, informationalization, and datafication of Asian societies. Digital development is enabling new ways of knowing society, from online surveillance to behavioral analytics to real-time research. What are the implications of this for the relations between social science and society in the Asian region? In practice, it not only provides exciting opportunities to re-invigorate research, but also poses new challenges for researchers to handle, process, and interpret Asian societies. Especially, emerging computational social science has sparked intense debates across disciplines including sociology, political sciences, anthropology, and communication studies, to mention a few, in recent years. 

This panel also aims to offer an advanced discussion to the key epistemic, methodological and normative issues they raise, such as: What are the implications of the rise of computational social science for the relations between social research and social life in various Asian digitalizing societies? How would scholars in Asian studies take advantage of their disciplinary backgrounds to contribute to research on digital in Asia? Do we really need new methods in order to study digital societies in Asia? What would be the potential benefits of digital transformation in researching Asian digitalizing societies, from boosting the efficiency of research processes to driving methodological innovation? How would we face possible digital “disruptions,” in particular challenges of data protection to “go digital” and issues about new digital ethics?

Please submit your abstract to Marie Yoshida (
1 March 2018.

Please include in your submission:

  • Name, institutional affiliation, short bio
  • Abstract that clearly lays out the title, argument and methodology (approx 250 words)
  • Intended panel  

Conveners and organizing committee will assess the submitted abstracts and inform you of the decision soon hereafter.