The transmission of Sanskrit medical literature in India – Københavns Universitet

Convener: Kenneth Zysk, Associate Professor, Indology, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies



Room 24.1.26 (building 24, 1st floor, room 26)
South Campus (New KUA), University of Copenhagen
Njalsgade/Karen Blixens Gade, 2300 Copenhagen S

The workshop is the fifth meeting of the international group of scholars working on the Indian medical literature in Sanskrit. All sessions will be open to interested scholars and students. The workshop will address the study of the transmission of medical knowledge in India. It will focus on the transmission of Sanskrit medical literature and science and methodologies for understanding and interpreting this transmitted knowledge. In this way, involvement with other workshops interested in the migration or transmission of knowledge is invited in order to encourage a lively and fruitful exchange of approaches to and methods in the study of the migration of knowledge in different cultures.

12 November 9.00-15.30: Master Class in Sanskrit Textual Readings
12 November 16.00-17.30 and 13 November 9.00-15.45: Paper Presentations