Call for papers – Københavns Universitet

PhD Workshop 14-15 November - Call for Papers

Asian Diversity in a Global Context - How can we capture specificities with our approaches and methods?

This intensive PhD workshop is packaged with a conference that will examine Asian diversity in a global context. As a PhD student you are invited to submit an abstract (300 words) for a conference paper in the conference and/or for a paper at the PhD workshop. 

The specific requirements are the following:

  1. Abstract (300 words) for a conference paper. The abstract will be reviewed and, if accepted by panel/workshop conveners, presented in one of these. Conference papers must relate to one of the themes of the conference's panels and workshops. Empirical as well as more theoretical contributions are welcome. If this is your only paper, it will also be discussed in the PhD workshop and should therefore be sent to convener(s) as well as PhD coordinator. If the paper is not accepted for the conference it can still be incorporated in the PhD workshop.


  2. Abstract (300 words) for a PhD workshop paper. The paper (5-8 pages) should focus on theoretical and/or methodological issues that address the ‘Asian specificities' of your project, e.g. ethical issues (e.g. "Can I pay for an interview?"; "Can I let my partner's students do my interviews?"). Abstract and paper should be sent to the PhD coordinator only. 

You will be asked to present the paper of your choice briefly (10 min.). It will then be discussed by one of the fellow PhD students (5 min.) and by a Faculty member (15 minutes), after which there will be a group discussion (20 min.).

If necessary, these papers will be grouped into thematically organized panels.

Submission of abstracts

Abstract and paper should be submitted to PhD coordinator Katrine Herold who will maintain contact with the conveners of the panels/workshops and you until you have been accepted. Please indicate which panel you will join.

We expect to be able to accommodate 15 PhD students.


  • Deadline for submitting abstracts (300 words): 1 March 2010

  • Acceptance of abstracts: 1 May 2010

  • Deadline for registering: 1 June 2010

  • Deadline for submitting the full paper(s): 1 September 2010