Activities supported by ADI 2009

List of activities funded and/or (co-)organized by ADI

  • Between China and the World. The Movement and Transformation of Knowledge over Time.
    Denise Gimpel and Bent Nielsen, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

    Interdisciplinary workshop from 3-5 September 2009 relating to the ADI research theme 'Knowledge in Transit'.  The participants were researchers from the University of Copenhagen and guests from Universities in China, Europe and the USA. 

  • DERG - Guest lectures with Professor Pranab Bardhan
    Finn Tarp, Development Economics Research Group (DERG), Department of Economics

    Pranab Bardhan is a leading expert on economic development and currently works on the emerging economies in China and India. The lectures took place from 23-24 April 2009
  • Copenhagen South Asia Network (CSAN)
    Peter Birkelund Andersen, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies and Birgitte Refslund Sørensen, Department of Anthropology

    In 2008 CSAN, an open multidisciplinary research network, was established. The overall objective of CSAN is to develop highly qualified, dynamic South Asia research by systematic information sharing, joint invitations of guest lecturers, regular meetings and research seminars. The first CSAN conference revolved around ADI's research themes in a South Asian context and was held on 18-19 June 2009.

  • Gender, Welfare, Work, Organization
    Hilda Rømer Christensen, Department of Sociology and Cecilia Milwertz, NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

    A scholars from Peking University was invited to Copenhagen to 1) participate in the research seminar 'Gender, Climate and Sustainability' organized by Co-ordination for Gender Studies, University of Copenhagen 2) give lectures about gender, work and organisation in China at NIAS and at the Department of Sociology 3) develop a colloborative summer school project between the University of Copenhagen and Peking University.

  • Visualising Asian Modernity: The Global Rise of Contemporary Japanese and East Asian Visual Arts
    Gunhild Borggren, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies

    Two seminars on Asian visual arts related to popular culture, global economy and social change - 28-29 March in Copenhagen and 16-17 May in Århus. 
  • Spheres of Influence - Soft Power Impact of Asia
    On 17 September 2009 ADI hosted a conference with internationally esteemed Keynote Speakers in the Ceremonial Hall.
  • Guest lectures with Professor Peng Guoxiang
    Jørgen Delman and Bent Nielsen, Department for Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
  • Reimagining Pakistan - ADI South Asia Workshop
    On 2 December 2009 ADI and the Centre of Global South Asian Studies organized a one-day workshop about Reimagining Pakistan

  • Riots and Elections in India
    Guest lecture by Dipak Malik, Director of the Gandhian Institute of Studies, Rajghat, Varanasi and Professor at the Department of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University

  • Japan's role in peacebuilding in Asia
    Guest lecture by Toshiya Hoshino, Osaka University

  • The state and public sector performance in China
    Guest lecture by Prof. Christine Wong, senior researcher, Oxford University

  • Culture and Contrition: Apology in Dispute Resolution in Japan and North America
    Guest lecture by Annalise Acorn, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

  • Monastic Warriors as Villains: Constructing Cultural Paradigms in Early Modern and Modern Japan
    Guest lecture by Mikael Adolphson, Associate professer, University of Alberta

  • Ancient Astronomy. Evolution and Linkages & Denmark, Colonial India and Protestant Missionaries
    Guest lectures by Rajesh Kochhar, emeritus scientist at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali, Chandigarh

  • Betty comes to India: Television, globalization and popular discourses of ‘change'
      Guest lecture by Abhijit Roy, Reader, University of Jadhavpur

  • The Indian Democracy
    Seminar with Stig Toft Madsen and Jørgen Dige Pedersen, Associate Professor, Aarhus University

  • Encountering Asia: Past and Present Museum Practices
    Museum Workshop organized by Martin Petersen, Assistant Professor, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

  • Korea network seminar
    organized by Martin Petersen, Assistant Professor, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies and Geir Helgesen, Director, NIAS

  • Fieldmethods in Anthropology
    support for an interdisciplinary course organized in Vellore, India by Dept. of Anthropology and School of Global Health, KU and Christian Medical College, Vellore. 

  • Belonging, Citizenship and Identities
    The ADI workshop "Belonging, citizenship and identities - a triangulation study of Asia, the Middle East and Europe" took place on 1-2 December 2009. Over the course of two days 10 scholars from Copenhagen, Lebanon and Japan presented and discussed their work and made plans for future common research projects and activities.

Travel grants

  • Ken Zysk, Associate professor, Indology, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
  • Søren Ivarsson, Associate professor, Saxo Institute
  • Ayo Wahlberg, Post doctoral fellow, Department of Anthropology
  • Martin Petersen, Assistant professor, Korean Studies, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

Support for publications

  • Peter B. Andersen, Associate professor, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
  • Søren Ivarsson, Associate professor, Saxo Institute