Activities supported by ADI 2011

List of activities funded and/or (co-)organized by ADI

Lectures, seminars, workshops etc.

  • Cooking, Eating and Orientation: The Malay and Chinese and Cultural Regimes Compared
    Guest lecture by Professor Geoffrey Benjamin, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Tagore's Legacy
    Guest lecture by Dr. William Radice, School of Oriental and African Studies, London on "Tagore's Legacy - Rabindranath Tagore's Literature and its Relevance in Modern India"
  • A Passage to India: Film and Discussion
    Cinematic depiction of E.M. Forster's classic novel 'A Passage to India' as part of seminar on ‘Post/Colonial Identities'.
  • Heroes and Exemplary Lives in Modern Japan
    Workshop with Dr. Kweku Ampiah from the University of Leeds

  • The 'authentic' other on display: living ethnographic exhibitions - past and present
    Lecture by Anne Folke Henningsen, Saxo Institute, in the CGSAS' seminar series on Post/Colonial Identities.

  • Power, Planning, and the Emergence of Baroque Forms of Life in Urban Malaysia
    Guest lecture by Dr. Richard Baxstrom, University of Edinburgh

  • LARM Artist Talks: Miya Yoshida
    Media/art researcher and a curator from Japan

  • Design of a Nation: Making India Global
    ADI Lunch Lecture by Ravinder Kaur, associate professor at the Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

  • Challenging the Harmonious Society - Tibetans and Uyghurs in Socialist China
    Closed workshop

  • PhD workshop "Writing Difference"
    Co-organized PhD dissertation workshop, ADI and the Institute of Public Knowledge, New York University

  • Quantity Restrictions and Price Adjustment of Chinese Textile Exports to the US
    Guest Lecture by Richard Upward, University of Nottingham.

  • Inaugural lecture - Oscar Salemink
    Professor Oscar Salemink's inaugural lecture "Framing Religion: The Human Rights Encounter and the Transformation of Religion in Vietnam".

  • Crossing cultural borders then and now - In the fish market at Tranquebar and in the archive
    Guest lecture by Professor Will Sweetman, Department of Religion, University of Otago, New Zealand.
  • ADI Summer School on Central Asia
    ‘History, Identity and Religion in Contemporary Central Eurasia' in Copenhagen, 4-15 July 2011.

  • Two keynotes on Central Asia
    "The Mongol Empire (13th and 14th centuries) - a starting point of 'Early Modern Times' in a global perspective?" by Prof. Bert Fragner and  "The nomadic legacy in Central Asia: Empires, trade and political culture" by Prof. Thomas Barfied.

  • Danish expeditions along the Silk Road
    Public lecture on "Danish expeditions along the Silk Road - Collecting objects from the Steppes to the High Pamirs 1896-1899" at the National Museumby Dr.phil. Esther Fihl, Professor mso.

  • Urban imaginaries and power in Asian mega-cities
    Initial meeting to discuss new research theme.

  • Rabindranath Tagore
    Conference in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) - poet, educationist, composer and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.

  • Indonesian Minorities - Rights, Plights and Positions
    Nordic Indonesia Studies Network (NISN) Third Annual Workshop, NIAS, Copenhagen, 22-24 September 2011.

  • Indian Economy under the Reforms: Growth, Poverty and Inequality, 1991 to 2010
    Guest lecture by Professor Venkatesh Athreya.

  • Guest Lecture by Penny van Esterik
    Lecture entitled "Hindsight, Oversight and Insight into Ban Chiang Neolithic Burial Pottery, northeast Thailand; a personal trajectory through interdisciplinary research in Southeast Asia" by Penny van Esterik, Professor of Anthropology, York University.

  • Buddhist Economics and Thailand's Sufficiency Economy
    Guest lecture by Professor Donald K. Swearer, Harvard Divinity School.

  • Religious Charity, Secular Law, and NGO Regulation India
    Guest lecture by Erica Bornstein, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  • From Pusher Street to Purulia: Legal Monism versus Legal Pluralism
    Lunch lecture by Stig Toft Madsen, Fil.Dr., Senior Research Fellow at NIAS.

  • Politics of Human Development in an Indian State
    Guest lecture by Dr. Manabi Majumdar, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata.

  • Health Inequity and Democratic Deficit: Learning by India from India
    Guest lecture by Dr. Manabi Majumdar, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata.

  • Mapping national anxieties: Thailand's southern conflict
    Guest lecture by Professor Duncan McCargo, University of Leeds.

  • ADI Workshop
    A 2-day workshop on the recently initiated research clusters: 'Urban Imaginaries and power in Asian mega-cities', 'Bodies and Boundaries', 'State, Society and Marginality', and 'Asia-Europe Encounters'.

  • Krudt og kugler i Kina
    Åbent foredrag ved forfatter Simon Rom Gjærø "Krudt og kugler i Kina: Dansk våbenekspert i tjeneste hos Kinas mest magtfulde krigsherre i de kaotiske 1920ere". Efter foredraget vistes dokumentarfilm.

  • What should we Learn from China?
    Guest lecture by Associate Professor Josef Gregory Mahoney, East China Normal University.

  • Guest lecture on Hip-hop in Japan
    "Hip-hop Japan: Creativity and Identity within Cultural Globalisation" by Kiku Day, SOAS, University of London.

Travel funding

  • Rune Bennike, PhD Fellow, Department of Political Science
    Languge school, fieldwork and workshop participation  in Nepal

  • Lau Blaxekjær, PhD Fellow, Department of Political Science
    Research travel to Durban for COP17

  • Helene Ilkjær, PhD Fellow, Department of Anthropology
    Fieldwork in India

  • Ravinder Kaur and Marie Roesgaard
    Workshop in New York in collaboration with NYU

  • Tamta Khalvashi,  PhD Fellow, Department of Anthropology
    Fieldwork in Georgia - Report

  • Martin Petersen, Assistant Professor, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
    Conference participation in Moscow and Leiden

  • Marie Roesgaard, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies 
    Participation in EAN meeting and conference in Duisburg, Germany

  • Oscar Salemink, Professor, Institut for Antropologi
    Research activities in Leiden and Amsterdam

  • Ayo Wahlberg and Marie Roesgaard
    Participation in EAN meeting and conference in Vienna

 Other grants

  • Margaret Mehl, Associate Professor, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
    Support to hire research assistant with proficiency in Russian, Polish and Czech

  • Nordic Indonesia Studies Network, NIAS
    Support for annual NISN workshop

  • Katja Rangsivek, PhD Fellow, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
    Support to hire research assistant for computerization of quantitative data

  • Paul Wordsworth, PhD Fellow , Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
    Support to hire archaeological photographer  for project in Turkmenistan