Activities supported by ADI 2016

List of activities funded and/or (co-)organized by ADI

Lectures, seminars, workshops etc.

Asia brown bag lecture: Trine Brox and Miriam K. Zeitzen

Trine Brox and Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen presented the project "Prince Peter and The Third Danish Expedition to Central Asia - 7 years in Kalimpong" Read more

Music and China’s National Identity

China Lecture with Dr. Chen Yudan (Fudan University) organised by Fudan-European Centre for China Studies.  Read more

The Precariat in the Era of Rentier Capitalism

Public guest lecture by Guy Standing, Professor of Development Studies at SOAS, University of London. Read more

Asia brown bag lecture: Atreyee Sen

NIAS and ADI brown bag lecture 'My wife carries a knife!’: Right-wing female militancy and castration/ wounding/masculine anxieties in a Mumbai slum by Atreyee Sen. Read more

Evaluating the Early Anthropocene Hypothesis

The conference aimed to bring together archaeologists, earth scientists and scholars from related fields working in east and west Asia to evaluate the early Anthropocene hypothesis and the impact Neolithic farming economies had on local environments and global climate. Read more

Arctic science diplomacy: a case of managing the rise of China

Roundtable with Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen, Professor of Northern Studies and Barents Chair in Politics at the Department of Sociology, Political Science and Community Planning at the University of Tromsø-The Arctic University of Norway. Read more

PhD course: Food, Health and Philosophy in East and West

Food, Health and Philosophy in East and West: interfaces between science, culture and business - international and interdisciplinary PhD course organised in China. Read more

International workshop - Understanding the Other Korea: North Korea

One day workshop on North Korea. Read more

Daniel Bell: The China Model

Book launch of Daniel Bell's new book: The China Model Read more

Political Seminar: Is democracy better than meritocracy?

Seminar with Daniel Bell and Theresa Scavenius Read more

Yonsei University and University of Copenhagen

Following several fruitful visits to Seoul, the University of Copenhagen is currently exploring possibilities for closer collaboration with Yonsei University. As a first step the two universities organized a joint Yonsei-Copenhagen workshop on 18-20 April 2016. Read more

The Dystopia of Health Governance and Moral Rule in Post-coup Thailand

Public guest lecture by Daena Funahashi, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University.  Read more

Progress and its Ruins: Ghosts, migrants and the uncanny in Northern Thailand

Public guest lecture by Andrew Alan Johnson, Assistant Professor, Yale-NUS College.Read more

The Failure in Embedded Autonomy: South Korean Regulatory Reform Experience

Public guest lecture by Yeonho Lee, Professor of Political Science, Director of Yonsei-SERI EU Center, and Director of the Institute of East and West Studies, Yonsei University. Read more

Human Rights in China: The Work of the Dui Hua Foundation

Round table meeting on human rights in China and the work of the Dui Hua Foundation. Read more

The Precious Lord: The history and practice of the Jowo Shakyamuni of Lhasa, Tibet

Public guest lecture by Cameron David Warner, Associate Professor, Aarhus Universitet. Read more

Engaging the Senses in the Tibetan tantric "Major Practice Session" (sgrub chen)

Guest lecture by Cathy Cantwell, Oriental Studies, University of Oxford. Read more

History Inside Globalization - Spatial Power and Inequity in Asia

Public lecture by Professor David Ludden, New York University. Read more

The East Asian Peace – Can It Last?

Roundtable in the ThinkChina Working Group on Politics with Stein Tønnesson, Research Professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). Read more

ChinaTalks: Will China find a ‘New Normal’?

Lecture in the ChinaTalks series with Barry Naughton, Professor of Chinese Economy at UC San Diego. Event co-organized with CFA Society Denmark.  Read more

JapanSessions: Career Talk with Carina Bastlund Woollhead

Carina Woollhead presented her experience with life beyond academia Read more

Public lunch talk - China’s Ambition in the South China Sea: Hegemonic Power Versus Maritime Order

Professor Katherine Morton, Chair and Professor of China’s International Relations at the University of Sheffield, discussed China’s hardening stance in the South China Sea. Read more

Public lecture - What does China's "New Normal" mean for local governments?

The Economist's Mary Boyd, Director, Economics Corporate Network Shanghai, presented and discussed the conclusions of the recently published report 'Opening the books'. Read more

Public guest lecture: Participative Mapping for the Urban Poor of Jakarta

Yantri Dewi gave a SEASS lecture on the topic of Jakartan Urban Poor. Yantri is an Jakarta-based urbanist and lecturer at Matana University in Tangerang. She is trained in architectural engineering at UNPAR in Bandung and holds a Master in Human Settlements from KU Leuven. Read more

Open lecture - China in the Era of Xi Jinping: Stronger China, Harder Choices

Open lecture on 'China in the Era of Xi Jinping: Stronger China, Harder Choices' with Jo Inge Bekkevold, Head of the Center for Asian Security Studies, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies. Read more

Book launch: Femininity, Self-harm and Eating Disorders in Japan

Talk with Gitte Hansen, Newcastle University about her latest book "Femininity, Self-harm and Eating Disorders in Japan". Read more

Open event (research + poetry): Your smartphone kills workers in China

This open seminar – which mixes state-of–the–art research and insights from China's factory floors with readings of workers’ – was concerned with the lives of workers in China and discussed how consumers in Denmark may relate to the life of people who produce our smartphones. Read more

An Anthropology of -isations

Department of Anthropology hosted Professor MSO, Ayo Wahlberg's inaugural lecture. Read more

ADI Conference 2016

Locating Asia beyond, and within, its territoriality, the 8th international ADI conference explored historical connections, circulations and contentions that produce Asia within a global epistemic frame. The conference featured keynote addresses, roundtables and panels across disciplines, temporalities and themes in the study of Asian dynamics. Read more

Public Guest Lecture: Religion, Atheism and the Quest for Indonesian Identity

Timo Markus Duile, PhD and post-doc at the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at the Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn, gave a SEASS lecture on identity and religion in Indonesia. Read more

Vested interest in Chinese politics – a form of corruption or a means to get things done?

Open roundtable event on 'vested interests' in Chinese politics with Professor Yu Zheng, Fudan University and Professor Jørgen Delman, University of Copenhagen. Read more

China’s aid and investment in developing countries

Open seminar in Asia House with Professor Yu Zheng, Fudan University and Senior Research Yang Jiang, DIIS. Organized by, DIIS and Fudan-European Centre for China Studies. Read more

Beyond Domestic Borders

Lunch talk by Hyaeweol Choi, Professor of Korean Studies; Director, Korea Institute Australian National University: "Beyond Domestic Borders: Transnational Mobility in the Making of Modern Korea, 1920 ‐ 1945"  Read more

Roundtable discussion: Chinese grandparents' contribution in the upbringing of young children in China

The discussion was led by Dr. He Min from the Preschool Education Department at East China Normal University (ECNU).  Read more

China Lecture: Governing the Arctic and Antarctic

Public guest lecture by Professor in International Law Chen Li from the Law School of Fudan University. Read more

Women in the World of Murakami Haruki

Public guest lecture by Dr Gitte Marianne Hansen, Lecturer in Japanese Studies at the School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University. The lecture is part of the JapanSession series. Read more

ChinaTalks: Collective Actions in Post-Mao China: Between Chaos and Discipline

ChinaTalks lecture by Dingxin Zhao, Max Palevsky Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago and Qianren Jihuai Professor of Zhejiang University. Read more

The Rise of Protestantism in Post-Mao China: State and Religion in Historical Perspective

Seminar about Protestantism's explosive growth in post-Mao China with Prof. Yanfei Sun, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang University. Read more

Symposium: Ways of Overlooking

This symposium focused on the multiple ways of looking and overlooking that entangle and make everyday life. Read more

Film screening: An Ordinary Election

The story of an Indian election campaign from up-close - an intimate ground-up perspective of the anxieties, ambitions, struggles, and intrigues from the electoral battleground. Post-screening discussion with the film’s director, Lalit Vachani. Read more

Public guest lectures: Thomas Blom Hansen and Edward Simpson

"Media, locality and community: notes on ethnography and media in a township in Durban" by Professor Thomas Blom Hansen, Stanford University and "You tube or Participant Observation? Recent fieldwork experiences on global infrastructure in Reunion Island" by Professor Edward Simpson, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.  Read more

SEASS lecture: Livable City for Who?

Public SEASS lecture by Dr. Rita Padawangi from the Asian Urbanisms Cluster, ARI, National University of Singapore: "Livable City for Who? Place-Making and Cultural Heritage in the era of Fragmented Urbanism" Read more

Who controls murky waters in the South China Sea?

Academic Roundtable discussion with Dr. Hassan Wirajuda, former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia; Dr. Andreas Bøje Forsby, DIIS; Dr. Edyta Roszko, Cross-Cultural & Regional Studies, UCPH; Dr. Camilla T.N. Sørensen, Political Science, UCPH Read more

Open seminar: New approach to Local Governments’ Innovations in the Xi Era

Seminar with Professor Jianxing Yu, Dean of School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University. Moderator: Jørgen Delman, professor of China Studies. Read more

Open seminar: Beef, Barbeque, and Nationalism

Open seminar with PhD Anders Riel Müller, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies Read more

ChinaTalks: Building Inclusive Cities

Landscape Architecture Lectures and ChinaTalks are proud to present Professor Pengjun Zhao, School of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University. Read more

Open seminar: Affordances of Tibetan Landscape

Open seminar with Professor Dan Smyer Yü, Founding Director of the Center for Trans-Himalayan Studies, Yunnan Minzu University. Read more

Buddhism, business and economic relations - in Asia and beyond

A three-day conference focusing on the complex relationship and ideological juxtapositions that lie within the nexus of Buddhism and economic activity in various historical and contemporary contexts in Asia and beyond. Read more

Landscapes of Power, Gardens of Labour: The President's Estate in Delhi, India

Public lecture by Professor Amita Baviskar, sociologist at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. Read more

JapanSessions: Lecture by Lone Jung Persson

Lone Jung Persson has a Master's Degree in Japanese Studies and Economics and many years of experience in project management. Today she works as Program Leader at Koncern It at Region Zealand. Read more

SEASS lecture: Who wants to be the Tinderella?

Public SEASS lecture by Rinatania Fajriani, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies: "Who wants to be the Tinderella? Narrative construction of online dating practice in Indonesia" Read more

New Brooms and Old: Sweeping Corruption in India, One Law at a Time

Public guest lecture by Aradhana Sharma, associate professor of Anthropology at Wesleyan University Read more

Comparing Dynamics of Social Capital in Japan and China

Lunch seminar with Shinya Ueno, professor at the Center for Policy Studies, Kumamoto University and Chunrong Liu, associate professor and executive vice director of the Fudan-European Centre for China Studies. Read more

The Ebola Crisis and China’s Search for a Role as a Responsible Great Power

A lecture in the ChinaTalks series with Barry BuzanProfessor of International Relations, LSE. Read more

JapanSessions: Media Coverage in Crisis

Public lecture on the media coverage of the Fukushima disaster by Dr Jens Sejrup, Dept, of Anthropology, UCPH. The lecture is part of the JapanSession series. Read more

Talking with the Pakistani Taliban

Lecture by Mona Kanwal Sheikh, PhD, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS).Read more

SEASS lecture: Dealing with Environmental Disaster in Urbanizing Indonesia: Ten Years of Lapindo Mudflow, and Still

Public SEASS lecture by Anton Novenanto, Department of Sociology, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia: "Dealing with Environmental Disaster in Urbanizing Indonesia: Ten Years of Lapindo Mudflow, and Still" Read more

Duterte-style Populism: The Philippines in the Geopolitical Economy of Southeast Asia

Presentation by Bonn Juego, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Jyväskylä and currently guest researcher at NIAS. Comments by Nina Trige Andersen and Mark Philip Stadler. Read more

Development of Universal Social Security and Politics of Health Care in Indonesia

SEASS talk by Muhammad Ridha, activist and researcher engaged in Indonesia’s working and oppressed class movement. Read more

The Politics of Reform: Peoples Liberation Army under Xi Jinping

Guest lecture by You Ji, Professor of International relations and Head of Department of Government, University of Macau, PRC. Read more

Temporariness, circularity, mobility: internal migration and social citizenship in Europe and China

Workshop organised by the Dept. of Political Science. Open to interested scholars. Read more

Valuing Buddhist Things

Public guest lecture "Valuing Buddhist Things: Religious objects and knowledge transfer in British India’s hill stations" by Emma Martin, University of Manchester  Read more

Innovation and Entrepreneurship – with a Sino-Danish twist

The UCPH China Staff Association invited colleagues at the University of Copenhagen to an annual event, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. Read more

Asia brown bag lecture - Sanae Suzuki

Newly arrived guest researcher at NIAS, Sanae Suzuki, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), presenting on "Conflict management by regional organizations". Read more

War or peace in East Asia?

Jonathan Holslag, Professor, Dept of Political Science, Free University Brussels and Stein Tønnesson, Research Professor, Peace Research Institute Oslo will discuss the prospect of peace in East Asia. Read more

Travel funding

  • Camilla T. N. Sørensen, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
    Research trip to Greenland

  • Edyta Roszko and Marie Roesgaard, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
    Participation in EAN meeting and conference in Coimbra, Portugal

  • Jacob Smidt-Madsen, PhD fellow, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
    Research and fieldwork in India

  • Kyoko Murakami, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
    Research trip to Japan

  • Mark Philip Stadler, PhD fellow, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
    Archival research trip to Leiden, Netherlands

  • Nikolaos Olma, PhD fellow, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
    Fieldtrip to Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Yu-ting Liu, PhD fellow, Department of Sociolog
    Workshop participation in Taipei

Other grants

  • Chenchen Zhang, Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Political Science
    Workshop at UCPH on internal migration and social citizenship in Europe and China

  • Signe Andersen, PhD fellow, Department of Anthropology/Hvidovre Hospital
    Assistance for transcription of interviews from fieldwork in China