After the War: 
Regional Perspectives on Afghanistan

Roundtable Discussion
September 9, 2021 – 14-16 (CET)

afghan soldiers
ResoluteSupportMedia Flickr/CC BY 2.0

America’s “forever war” in Afghanistan has come to an abrupt end after two decades. As the US and NATO forces withdraw, the focus has turned to the rapidly shifting power dynamics, complexities, and rivalries in the neighborhood. The emergence of the Taliban as a political force itself is a contested event that is rearranging the regional political fault lines.

The question “what next” for Afghanistan is closely tied to how these regional dynamics will evolve. We might ask: what is at stake for China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and India in Afghanistan? How are the media/public and national governments in the region responding to the unfolding events? And what kind of new reconfigurations – alliances and contestations – might be redrawing the geo-political and geo-economic map in the region?   

We invite you to join a roundtable with a panel of experts to discuss these emerging questions. The panel of speakers includes:

  • Rasmus Elling, Middle East Studies
  • Ravinder Kaur, Modern India and South Asia Studies
  • Elena Meyer-Clement, China Studies
  • Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen, Middle East Studies
  • Mikhail Suslov, Russia Studies
  • Barbara Wall, Korea Studies

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The event is part of the 
Asian Futures Seminar Series.