Confronting caste-based sexual violence in India

Come and listen to and participate in the discussion on the intersection of caste and gender violence and on how this problem can be taken up in an international fight for
social justice.

The exceptionally brutal 2012 Delhi gang rape exposed to the world the seriousness of gender based violence in urban India. There was a continued silence, however, on the much more routine sexual violence that takes place in India against women subjugated by caste.

To confront this silence and the impunity with which sexual assaults on Dalit women continue, the All India Dalit Women’s Rights Forum organised a month long Dalit Women’s March for Self Determination in early 2014 and called for an end to caste
based sexual violence and for justice for the victims.

Asha Kowtal, the General Secretary of the All India Dalit Women’s Rights Forum, and filmmaker Thenmozhi Soundararajan, both marched with the Dalit women and will be in Copenhagen to discuss the antecedents and impacts of the march.

Tuesday, 27 May, 12:15-13:30
Ethnographic Exploratorium, CSS 4.1.12

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