Sustainability Without Borders? Energy in Asia and the World

Sustainability Without Borders? — Energy in Asia and the World is a one-day international student conference, giving students the opportunity to learn about Asia’s current and future developments in sustainable energy generation, the manufacturing of goods and how demographic changes and consumer habits may affect these parameters.

Our ambition is to ensure a multicultural and multidisciplinary audience to encourage discussions influenced by various world views. Therefore students from everywhere are invited, including local and international students, humanities, sciences and engineering disciplines, and we hope for a strong interest also from Asian students.

Keynote speakers

Lau Blaxekjær, PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen working on global governance within the climate politics field. In his research he focuses on China, Japan, Korea, and EU.

Jørgen Delman, Professor in China Studies, University of Copenhagen
Expertise in China: Politics and governance; business and politics; civil society; science and technology; climate and energy politics.

Henrik Valeur, architect-urbanist, independent researcher and the founder and creative director of UiD – a networking urban consultancy and a pioneer in the field of collaborative and participatory planning and design.


5 April, 2014, 9:30 – 17:00


Marble Hall, Copenhagen University Faculty of Science, Thorvaldsensvej 40 1871 Frederiksberg C


We strive to call attention to Asia’s ongoing developments, as strong economies have arisen, which will continue to drive future trends and wield global impact. The aim of the conference is to investigate how different parts of the world experience Asia’s development and how a long-lasting sustainable impact can be created, given those perceptions. In order to achieve this goal, participating students will acquire knowledge through hands-on experiences in workshops; and collaborations with Asian and US American universities will be established.