Mini-course on Ayurvedic Medicine in India (part I)

Three lectures introducing the basic principles and practices of modern Ayurveda in the Indian state of Kerala. While the theme of the lectures is connected, the lectures can be attended separately as well.

The Basic Ideas and Workings of Ayurvedic Medicine

by Dr. Sanjay Pisharodi, Director of Purnarogya Holistic Health Care, and Ass. Professor Ken Zysk as moderator and co-teacher.

There has been an explosion of interest in Ayurveda here in Denmark over the past years. This course is designed to introduce people to what Ayurveda is and what it is not. What basic principles do Ayurvedic doctors use when examining and treating patients?

  • The first class will offer the basic principles and the history of Ayurveda in India.
  • The second class (26.10.2012) will focus on the treatments used in Ayurveda, with some practical demonstration of some basic diagnosis techniques, where students can participate.

The course is open to all who want to learn something about Ayurveda.