Seminar: Is a Peaceful Rise of China Possible?

Professor Barry Buzan is among the most famous scholars worldwide investigating security and security policy. Buzan is a professor in international relations at London School of Economics and Political Science and a honorary professor at the University of Copenhagen and Jilin University.

His scholarly production is impressive. Recently he co-edited Non-Western International Relations Theory (2010), Evolution of International Security Studies (2009) with Lene Hansen, and Regions and Powers (2005) with Ole Wæver.

In 2010 Buzan published an article which has caused intensive debate: "China in International Society. Is Peaceful Rise Possible". The content of this article is the point of departure of the presentation. (Chinese Journal of International Politics, 2010,3 (4)).

The lecture is the first in a series of seminars and conferences arranged by the new project - CHINA-SEC - at Centre for Military Studies dealing with Chinese defence and security policyand China's new role and position in world affairs.