Digital China - Visions, Negotiations and Experiences

Photo: Yuko Shimizu

Photo: Yuko Shimizu


The seminar will give a brief introduction to the interdisciplinary project Digital China based at Lund University. The project members study the many dimensions and paradoxes of networked authoritarianism and the impact of ICTs on Chinese society. In the presentation we will focus on the Chinese government’s underlying ideology, strategy, and vision in the field of ICT, and how ICTs are envisioned and experienced among other actors such as different group of individuals, civil society organisations, and schools. The focus will be on hegemonic and counter-hegemonic discourses on ICTs and negotiations and contestations over ICTs among different actors and stakeholders.

More information about Digital China.


  • Marina Svensson, Professor, Centre for East and South East Asian Studies, Lund University
  • Barbara Schulte, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Lund University


  • Liu Jun, Assistant Professor, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen
  • Cecilia Milwertz, Senior Researcher, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies


45 minutes of presentation followed by a short break (coffee, tea and cake) and 60 minutes discussion.

Participation is free.

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