Roundtable: The Clash of Civilizations and Terrorism - Imagination or Reality

Roundtable discussion with Professor Zhang Jiadong, Centre for American Studies, Fudan University. Open to the public!

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The term "civilization" in the theory of the Clash of Civilizations include religion, ethnicity, nationality and other factors. Originally, this theory is a reflection of American domestic political situation. The Clash of Civilizations is a result of civilizations being challenged rather than that of differences between civilizations; a contradiction between monotheism and polytheism rather than a conflict between Islam and Christianity. Terrorism is a kind of conflict between civilized world and ideological barbarism while its classification and features have close relationship to differences of civilizations.

Moderator:Professor, Bertel Heurlin, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

Format: App. 45min presentation followed by discussion

Participation is free of charge but registration before 11 November is required.