Economy and Security Landscape of Northeast Asia: Implications for Danish Interests

Lecture by Professor Jong Kun Choi

Asia House, Indiakaj 16, CPH, Tuesday, 1 December, 15.00 – 17.00

Professor Jong Kun Choi of Yonsei Unversity from Seoul, Korea will give a talk on how Northeast Asia, a sub-region of East Asia made up of Two Koreas, Japan and China, maintains its sustaining economic development despite lingering security challenges such as North Korea’s nuclear challenges, sporadic diplomatic standoffs caused by territorial and maritime disputes, and hostile nationalism. Dr. Choi will argue that the three core states of East Asia have achieved a very high degree of economic interdependence from which their economic development is regenerated. He will demonstrate new trade portfolio data and social interactions among the three states and provide security implications. Dr. Choi will provide insights on what this means for the Nordic states.

Wine and canapés will be served after the talk.

Participation is free.

Dr. Jong Kun Choi is Associate Professor of Political Science & International Studies at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. He works on International Relations theories and Northeast Asia’s security and serves as a member of the advisory board for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Unification and the Air Force of the Republic of Korea. He is currently spending a sabbatical year as a visiting scholar at NIAS, the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen.

The lecture is organised by Asia House and NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies