Rethinking China’s New Documentary Movement: Engagement with the Social

Lu Xinyu is Professor and Director of the Broadcasting and Television Department, School of Journalism, Fudan University, Shanghai. Her many writings include 'Documenting China: The New Documentary Movement' (Beijing, SDX Joint Publishing Company, 2003). Her research is focused on the relationship between visual culture in China, mass media and social development. She is invited to the Centre of East Asian Studies at Lund University for their Focus Asia Documentary film festival and combines this with a visit to NIAS.

Lu Xinyu will be giving a talk on the New Documentary Movement. The New Documentary Movement has emerged as an important medium which examines some of the social, political, and historical disjunctions in contemporary China. In fact, the New Documentary Movement can be seen as an integral part of social developments which use their own style to maintain a dialogue with society. This dialogue includes investigation, interpretation, and intervention. The significance of the New Documentary Movement lies in the activist engagement of the filmmakers with the emotional lives and living conditions of Chinese people in all walks of life in contemporary China.

Denise Gimpel, Associate professor, China Studies, University of Copenhagen will chair the event.

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