Made in India

A lecture performance on international surrogacy!

Global Stories presents MADE IN INDIA as a lecture performance at the University of Copenhagen; a result of a collaboration between Global Stories and the Section for Theatre and Performance Studies at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies.

Infertile couples all over the world dream of having their own biological child. In India poor women offer themselves as surrogate mothers for the couple’s fertilized egg. It’s supply and demand. It’s the global market.

Commercial surrogacy is a rapidly growing industry in India. Poor women can gain up to five years of salary in nine months. They do it to improve their lives, to gain independence and to be able to send their children to school. At the same time couples from all over the world have their dream of parenthood fulfilled. Is it a win-win situation? Global capitalism? Exploitation of the poor women of the Third World?

In 2010 stage director Ditte Maria Bjerg met the Indian sociologist and performer Amrita Pande. Amrita wrote her PhD dissertation about surrogacy in India based on field research. Amrita Pande and Ditte Maria Bjerg decided to create a theatre performance about the invisible stories of the surrogate mothers. It became the documentary performance MADE IN INDIA - NOTES FROM A BABYFARM. The performance toured through Sweden in 2012 and was staged in several venues in Denmark in 2013.

24 November at 19:00
25 November at 16:00

KUA1, auditorium 22.0.11


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