Minicoy - A Muslim Atoll society where women own the homes

Guest Lecture by NIAS senior expert Nils Finn Munch-Petersen, Mag. Scient.

The 4.4 Km² atoll of Minicoy is a small Maldivian outlier in the Indian Ocean island chain now known as Lakshadweep. While the Maldives have been an independent nation since before the 11th century, the history of Minicoy has been dominated royalty on the Indian Malabar Coast, and later by the British Empire India administration. At the time of Indian independence Minicoy became part of the Indian Republic, and visits to the Maldives by Minicoy islanders were forbidden, as well as visits to Minicoy by non-Indian foreigners. Accordingly Minicoy, a fully Muslim society, has preserved a number of archaic features, such as matriliy and matrilocality, which were also formerly part of Maldivian society.

Further the lecture will discuss the perceived threat of sea-rise to Indian Ocean atolls. 

All are welcome.

Time: Thursday 24 February from 2.30-4.00 p.m.

Venue: NIAS 3rd Floor, Leifsgade 33, 2300 Copenhagen S