China's Economy, Environment and Education

Nordic Association of China Studies and the Nordic NIAS Council are pleased to invite you to a joint conference and PhD course in Reykjavik 3-6 June 2009.

We have now opened the PhD course to international PhD students and to Nordic Master Students.

The conference 'China's Economy, Environment and Education' which will run through 3-5 June 2009 is inspired by China's dramatic economic growth, its adverse environmental and social controversies as well as the need to reform the educational system to foster citizens who can cope with the challenges of the future. Four keynote speakers will inspire the proceedings:

* Mark Elvin, The Australian National University

* Rachel Murphy, University of Bristol

* Peter Nolan, Cambridge University

* Cui Zhiyuan, Qinghua University

An intensive PhD course is organized in conjunction with the conference: 'State, Governance and Local Society in China', 3-6 June 2009. The PhD course deals with the same topics as the conference, but will take a closer look at the party-state and different aspects governance in relation to local society.

The Faculty of the PhD course will be:

  • Rachel Murphy, University of Bristol
  • Cui Zhiyuan, Professor, Qinghua University
  • Stig Thøgersen, Professor, Århus University
  • Jørgen Delman, Professor, University of Copenhagen