Restless Urban Landscapes in China - China Talk by Dr. Shen Jie

Restless urban landscapes in China - Examining the effects of urbanization and urban lifestyles in post-reform China

China Talk by Dr. Shen Jie, a lecturer at Fudan University's School of Social Development and Public Policy. Along with the launch of market-oriented reforms, the Chinese city has manifested itself with radical changes. The talk investigates the emergence of diversified spaces in post-reform China by exploring broader social forces influencing the production and consumption of urban landscapes.

Three projects in Shanghai are used to illustrate what has been built – and how. It is revealed that whatever the building style, the landscapes are manipulated to conjure up a certain type of good life by mixed-use packages and distinctive images. While a new mode of public–private partnership favouring place marketing and holistic development strategies has also emerged, the dominant role of the state makes the case of China distinct.