Open event (research + poetry): Your smartphone kills workers in China

Your smartphone and many of your household items are produced in China. We all know this and we know that it is a consequence of globalisation - of companies from the global North, including Denmark, moving their production to China. We've come to know China as ‘the factory of the world’. But few are aware of the staggering numbers of workers employed in this factory – more than 270 million people! That is half the population EU. We know even less about their working conditions, their life aspirations, sorrows and joys. Nevertheless, we carry around and use on a daily basis the products that they produce.

This seminar – which mixes state-of–the–art research and insights from China's factory floors with readings of workers’ – is concerned with the lives of workers in China and discusses how consumers in Denmark may relate to the life of people who produce our smartphones.


  • Pun Ngai, Professor at HK Polytechnic University
  • Cecilia Milwertz, Senior Researcher at NIAS, UCPH
  • Jimbut Jun Feng, poet and playwright
  • Gritt Uldall-Jensen, Freelance playwright and activist

The seminar is free and open to the public. For logistical purposes, however, registration is required.