South Asian Migration and Diaspora

The second workshop on 'South Asia in the 21st Century' at the summer session of the Nordic Summer University will be held in Tyrifjord, Norway, from 19-26 July 2009.

Various patterns of migration have created different South Asian diaspora communities in the Africa, the Caribbean, North America and Europe. However, in Europe, especially, the research environment has mainly focused on migrant's economic integration into the host community's labour market and several comprehensive theories on minority and diaspora communities have been formulated .

It is the aim of this workshop to investigate how culture and the organisation of culture construct various aspects of migration, integration and diaspora formation.

Under the overall general themes the workshop specially invites papers covering:

  • the historical dept and geographical dissemination of South Asian migration
  • the reflections on migration and migratory societies in literature and other arts
  • descriptions of migratory societies in the Nordic Countries and elsewhere in order to unite scholars and practitioners.

Registration is due 30 March 2009