Seminar: How to drive your business with public affairs/government relations in China

Many international companies are still struggling to gain a foothold on the Chinese market. ‘Public affairs’ and ‘government relations’ are often referred to as a means to overcome challenges in relation to a fast changing regulatory environment, market access, public bidding etc. however knowledge about how PA and GR processes play out are scarce. On 17 August, Peter Yan will provide a rare and personal insight into his experiences with PA/GR and qualify them in the context of ‘doing business in China’. Yan will link PA/GR to the business context and discuss PA/GR practices and give examples of advocacy in practice.

Peter Yan is Public Affairs Director of Rockwool China and has worked in similar positions for Grundfos and other companies in China.

The seminar will present Peter Yan's personal experiences working with PA/GR in China and will not reflect the position/opinion of Rockwool China. The Chatham House Rules apply. 

Moderator: Jørgen Delman, Professor, China Studies, ToRS, University of Copenhagen.