BBB lecture series: The 'Tibetan' Singing Bowl

The significance of place attachment for a souvenir in motion

Guest lecture by Dr. Emma Martin, University of Manchester

This talk focuses its attention on a relative newcomer to the multitude of things that represent Tibet both in the market stalls and shops in Tibetan cultural spaces and in virtual sites dedicated to Dharma and meditation practives - the 'Tibenan' singing bowl. The singing bowl provides opportunity for me - a museologist and museum curator - to engage with academic discussions outside of my usual academic framework.

Here, I work with literature from the emerging disciplines of Tourism Studies and Cultural Economies on the subject of the souvenir and by using the singing bowl as a focus I specifically want to engage with new discussions on Nation Branding and the meaning and value of souvenirs whrn specifically attached to a  place, in this case Tibet.

It is therefore useful to ask how has the nation as a brand - that is the label of Tibet - provided, among other things, a source of autheticity, value, spirituality, and a sense of continuity from the past for this recently invented tourist souvenir?

Everyone is welcome to the talk!

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