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Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Collaboration

What can Danish stakeholders get out of the Chinese renewable energy boom? is organizing an event on development of renewable energy technologies and solutions in China and opens the floor to discussions on what Denmark's part in this process could be. 


China’s renewable energy sector is becoming a global game changer and it is important for Denmark. Sino-Danish commercial and public collaboration has a long history and in recent years the Danish government has strengthened its collaboration with China. It has engaged in setting up the China National Renewable Energy Centre, a new policy research think tank for renewable energy under the National development and Reform Commission.

The Danish Energy Angency collaborates with CNREC on a number of issues, most recently scenario work for 2050 that builds on Danish experience and development of a series of roadmaps  for wind, sun, biogas, biomass and biofuels. The integration of wind energy into the Chinese energy system is also in focus. In addition, a number of R&D collaborative projects between Danish and Chinese partners are on the way under the CNREC/renewable energy hat with national Energy Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Ministry of Hoursing and Urban-Rural Development. Finally, an agreement is on the way with National Development and Reform Commission.


Kaare Sandholt, chief expert at CNREC, will talk briefly about which opportunities CNREC offers Danish stakeholders and will present his views on how renewable energy cooperation in China and withChina can become a part of our future success on the field in Denmark.

Nicolai Zarganis, deputy director of the Danish Energy Agency, will give a presentation on the collaboration with CNREC and some thoughts on how this commitment can encourage better cooperation between Denmark and China in the future, both there and here.

Jørgen Delman, professor of China Studies, will chair the event and will provide an opening introduction to the field. Professor Delman is in the advisory board of CNREC.