The Process of Resolution of Conflict in Aceh: Are there Lessons To Be Learned

The process of peace negotiations in 2005 in Helsinki on the Aceh conflict was the first East Asian peace process since 1973 that actually managed to end conflict violence and battle deaths. Thus, these negotiations have been mentioned as a model for conflict resolution and Asian-European security cooperation. But the formula of the Aceh peace talks has not been analyzed in detail.

Why did the Helsinki Process succeed, while so many other processes fail?
Are there any lessons one could learn from the success of the Aceh negotiations?

Professor Timo Kivimäki, an expert on Indonesian negotiation behavior and Indonesian conflicts, offered his expertise to the mediation panel under a contract between the mediating organization and NIAS. In this lecture he will discuss the general lessons of success in the Aceh negotiations and the possibility of emulating the Aceh formula elsewhere.

All are welcome.