Governing the Global Economy: States, Networks, and the Rise of East Asian Economies

Professor Henry Wai-chung Yeung, PhD, Professor of Economic Geography at the National University of Singapore.

Friday 5 October 2012, at 2 pm in Anneks A, Studiestræde 6, 1455 Copenhagen K

In this lecture professor Yeung examines how the interplay between one variant of state institutions, known as the developmental state, and domestic firms embedded in global production networks is shifting in favor of such private actors as firms. The developmental state’s attempt to govern the domestic economy has become increasingly difficult and problematic in global industries dominated by lead firms and their strategic partners. The effectiveness of the state’s industrial policy has also been much mitigated by the success in which domestic firms articulate into global production networks spearheaded by lead firms.

The lecture is part of the "Global Lectures – Critical Reflections on Globalisation" an initiative at the Dept. of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.