China Talks: Professor Yu Kongjian

China’s rapid urbanization has given rise to a number of severe water-related environmental problems, including floods, contamination of drinking water, loss of habitats, and urban inundation. At the forefront of finding solutions to these problems in future planning is the landscape architecture firm Turenscape, which has been able to test ideas that are still only theories in the Western world. 

Professor YU Kongjian is the president of Turenscape, and also a professor at Peking University and a visiting professor at Harvard University. On June 11, he will present his theory and method of dealing with China’s growing water-related problems, solutions that have garnered him the description ”a force of nature” by Time Magazine, and given him a reputation as China’s Olmsted. Professor YU is famous for his ecological stance, often against the resistance of local authorities. To illustrate his approach, he will describe concrete, acclaimed projects, including Houtan Park for Shanghai Expo, the Red Ribbon Park in Qinhuangdao, Shipyard Park in Zhongshan, and the Storm Water park in Harbin.

Following professor YU’s presentation, a panel whose members work within the field will offer their commentary on his approach, followed by a Q&A session open to the audience. The panel consists of professor Marina Bergen Jensen, professor Jørgen Delman, and Lars Skov Andersen (COWI), with professor Jørgen Primdahl acting as moderator. After the event, you can meet professor YU in person and have your book signed. Attendance is open to everyone and free of charge, but we appreciate if you register your attendance.

Organized in collaboration between the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Asian Dynamics Initiative, and 

You can read professor YU's bio here.