China Talks: Professor Yuan Ren

Migration and Low-Carbon Society: Factors associated with Migrants' Consumptive Carbon Emission in Urban China

by Ren Yuan, Professor of Demography and Urban Studies and Deputy Director of the Institute of Population Research, Fudan University, Shanghai.

Professor Ren Yuan

Time: Tuesday, 24 February, 10.15-12.00
Venue: CSS, Building 16, second floor, room 16.2.55

Organisers: ADI,, Dept. of Sociology, Coordination for Gender Research


Yuan Ren and Dan Chen 

During fast urbanization, large numbers of internal migrants to cities will influence consumptive behavior and carbon emission. With a city residents’ survey conducted in Shanghai in 2013, the authors will compare direct and indirect carbon emissions between local people, new migrants and temporary migrants living in the cities. The authors will conclude how Consumptive Carbon Emission (CCE) is influenced by migration process, and with further analysis on factors associated with CCE, the authors will also discuss the migration-CCE relations, and suggest the policy implications to decouple migration/urbanization and increasing consumptive carbon emissions.

About the speaker

Yuan Ren is professor of Demography and Urban Studies in School of Social Development and Public Policy of Fudan University, China. He is fellow of New Century Excellent Talents awarded by Chinese National Ministry of Education.