Asian Futures

Hong Kong city photo

Rethinking the Asian Century
Seminar in honor of Jørgen Delman

Is the era of trade wars over? What is the future of the Indo-Pacific? How might regional Asian rivalries shape the emerging trade blocs like the RCEP, supply chains, and the capital flows? Or for that matter, the unfolding India-China border skirmishes in the Himalayas.

As the Biden administration takes over, these questions have re-emerged as crucial policy areas. This discussion opens a series of talks on the question of Asian futures in the twenty-first-century.

Jørgen Delman is retiring from his position as Professor of China Studies at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies. With this seminar we wish to honor Jørgen and his journey through Asian Studies. 

Presentations by

Jørgen Delman
Mai Corlin
Marie Roesgaard
Mikkel Bunkenborg
Ravinder Kaur

Join us 3 February, 12:00-13:30 (CET/Copenhagen time)