Tomas Skov Lauridsen defends his PhD thesis at the Department of Political Science – University of Copenhagen

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Tomas Skov Lauridsen defends his PhD thesis at the Department of Political Science


Tomas Skov Lauridsen


"Bad Banking with Chinese Characteristics: Financialized Political Capitalism in China". 
The thesis is available as an e-book via Academic books

Time and venue

Friday 14 September, 2018 at 14:00 at the University of Copenhagen, Centre for Health and Society, Department of Political Science, Øster Farimagsgade 5, DK-1353 Copenhagen K., room 4.2.26. Kindly note that the defence will start precisely at 14:00.

Assessment committee

  • Professor Ian Manners, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen (chair)
  • Professor Margaret Pearson, University of Maryland, USA
  • Professor Daniela Gabor, University of the West of England, UK


Why does China have a state capitalist system and what is the role of the financial system in this system? It is this overarching question within political economy that this PhD dissertation is looking to contribute to. It does so through a case study following the 1999-2013 evolution of the four Chinese asset management companies, from policy tools for the state to reorganize the banking system in China, to state-owned shadow banks – some of the largest shadow banks in China in terms of assets.

The purpose of the case study is to propose a mechanism that can contribute to explaining how the political economy of state capitalism works. The argument put forward is that through using the conceptualization of capitalism developed through Weber and Veblen, the nature and mechanisms of Chinese state capitalism can be usefully defined and theorized. Specifically, the dissertation is based on using process-tracing methods to build a theory proposing a key mechanism at work in Chinese state capitalism – Financialized Political Capitalism.