CANCELLED! Falling fertility: a cause for concern?

Sustainability Science Centre and Low Fertility Research Platform present a sustainability lecture on falling fertility rates, keynote speakers are Professor Hagai Levine and Professor Rémy Slama. 

Fertility rates are falling throughout the world: Are couples waiting too long to have children? Is economic precarity holding them back? Are the industrial chemicals that we are regularly exposed to behind rising involuntary childlessness? And, should we be worried?


  • Welcome by Professor Niels E.  Skakkebæk, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Professor Ayo Wahlberg, Copenhagen, Denmark: Worldwide decline in human fertility – WHY?
  • Professor Hagai Levine, Jerusalem, Israel: Our human future will only be as healthy as our sperm
  • Professor Rémy Slama, Grenoble, France: Industrialization and Endocrine Disrupters: We are all exposed
  • Q&A