Lunch talk: Getting Published - in English: Empathy and scholarship in the 21st century

‘Yes! Your manuscript has been accepted for publication…’

How do you get a publisher to write these magic words?  And what happens next? David Stuligross will trace the process of getting published in English-language journals and books,

emphasizing moments where scholar-authors have the greatest ability to influence a publisher’s decisions, as well as the moments where native Japanese writers might have the greatest difficulties – and how to overcome them. The talk is aimed at both younger and more experienced scholars, all of whom are urged to consider the complexities of cross-cultural communication as they present themselves and their work to prospective publishers.

Bio: For fifteen years, Dr. Stuligross has supervised the journey of manuscripts from submission through publication at both a journal (Asian Survey) and an academic book publisher (NIAS Press, Copenhagen). He is now Senior Language Consultant at Clarity Editorial Services, where he specializes in raising academic writing to the standard required for publication in English by world class journals and presses. He has engaged in academic publishing from all angles. Prior to settling into a career as an academic editor, he earned a PhD (political science, Berkeley, 2001), published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, and mentored hundreds of students at the University of Michigan and elsewhere.

Image by Santi DeFerrol
Image by Santi DeFerrol