Peace-Building on the Korean Peninsula and the Role of EU

Lunch talk by Jae-Seung Lee, Professor & Jean Monnet Chair, Korea University

The Korean Peninsula is undergoing a huge political transition. Inter-Korean summits were resumed while the US and North Korea have begun a negotiation for denuclearization. Whereas North Korea’s real intension seems uncertain, hope and concern coexist for the future progress of détente. The EU has engaged in North Korean affairs with the KEDO process, political dialogues and humanitarian aids. However, these constructive engagements have been stalled with the deterioration of North Korean nuclear and missile crises as well as human rights issues. Depending on the progress of North Korea’s denuclearization and liberalization, however, the EU’s engagement in the Korean Peninsula may face another turning point. This lecture will address the contrasting views of ongoing political transition and explore the potential role of EU in peace-building on the Korean Peninsula.


Jae-Seung Lee is Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in Division of International Studies and Director of Nordic-Benelux Center at Korea University. He has also served as Policy Advisor to the Foreign Ministry of Korea and Chairman of Asia-Europe Energy Policy Research Network (AEEPRN). Prof. Lee has authored a number of books and articles on regional cooperation, energy security and Korea’s foreign policy. Prof. Lee holds a B.A. in political science from Seoul National University, M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from Yale University. He has joined in Johns Hopkins University-SAIS (2015-16) and Stanford University (2011-12) as a visiting scholar. He has contributed op-ed articles to major Korean newspapers and has commented on international affairs for BBC, CNN and Korean broadcast stations.