Panels – University of Copenhagen

9th Annual International ADI Conference

Asian Dynamics Initiative, University of Copenhagen
26-28 June 2017


Arms Race in Asia? The Role of China’s Military Rise for the Powers in Asia
Convener: Bertel Heurlin, University of Copenhagen; You Ji, University of Macau 
The military expenditures in Asia are increasing. China is responsible for the highest growth although the percentage is gradually decreasing … » 

Asian Accelerations
Conveners: Lars Højer and Stine Simonsen Puri, University of Copenhagen
“Tiger economies” used to associate Asia with speed. Yet, it is increasingly clear that while some ”tiger economies” continue to have elevated growth rates along with rising prices, the general picture is much more complex … » 

Branded Nation: Image, Commodity, Surplus
Convener: Ravinder Kaur, University of Copenhagen
This panel addresses the transformation of the nation-form into commodity-form. Consider the ubiquitous and colorful presence of ‘Incredible India’, ‘Cool Japan’, ‘Creative Korea  … » 

China’s Borderlands in the Making of the Nation
Conveners: Ildikó Bellér-Hann and Edyta Roszko, University of Copenhagen
This panel explores the significance of China’s inland and maritime borderlands and their inhabitants both in the past and in the contemporary setting … » 

(En)countering Sexual Violence in the South Asian City
Conveners: Atreyee Sen and Emilija Zabiliute, University of Copenhagen; Raminder Kaur, University of Sussex

This panel invites papers that address the theme of encountering and countering rising sexual violence (broadly defined) in cities in South Asia, and analyse such phenomena through the lens of urban social transformations in the region … » 

Exhibiting Asian Modernities
Conveners: Jens Sejrup and Oscar Salemink, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
Like with all continents, the idea of Asia historically emerged through the collection, circulation, and exhibition of art objects in museums, galleries, and other exhibitionary spaces … » 

Globalization, International Trade and Economic Policy
Convener: Jakob Roland Munch, University of Copenhagen
This panel aims to bring together international scholars to exchange ideas and to discuss recent results in theoretical and empirical research on international trade … » 

Going Comparative in Asia
Convener: Jun Liu, University of Copenhagen
This panel aims to explore reflectively comparative perspectives and approaches in researching social, political, economic, and cultural system in Asian countries … » 

Research for Change: Reconfiguring Society and Politics through Theory and Engagement
Convener: Dan V. Hirslund, University of Copenhagen
What does it mean to say that research is relevant for the fields in which we work? How does research actively contribute to addressing concerns that are clearly present in our fields … » 

The Politics of Local Food Movements in Scandinavia and East Asia
Conveners: Anders Riel Müller, NIAS; Erik Mobrand, Seoul National University; Hyejin Kim, Singapore National University; Niels Heine, Aalborg University
In many of the world’s wealthiest regions production of food is no longer an activity that occupies many ordinary citizens … » 

Trade and Translation of Buddhist Material Culture across Asia
Conveners: Trine Brox, University of Copenhagen; Emma Martin, University of Manchester
Historically, trade routes served as transmission belts for Buddhist theology. The nexus between trade and Buddhism is most commonly understood in the spread of Buddhist theology and art across Asia … » 

Urban Struggles, Digital Obstruction
Convener: Mark Philip Stadler, University of Copenhagen
This panel is concerned with how urban activism struggles with the obstructive effects of social media and smart city applications in the realization of transformative change … » 

South Asia across the Nordic Region
Inaugural meeting for South Asia scholars and practitioners across the Nordic region.

Digitial Urbanism - Open Academic World Cafe
Convener: Mark Philip Stadler, University of Copenhagen