Panels – University of Copenhagen

10th Annual International ADI Conference

Asian Dynamics Initiative, University of Copenhagen
18-20 June 2018


China in Europe: Chinese investment in Europe and the impact on labor relations
Convener: Sarah Swider, Dept. of Sociology, University of Copenhagen
China is a source of direct foreign investment that has increased in the past decade, reaching over 600 billion by 2013, with an increasing share headed for Europe. After 2008, Europe became the fastest growing destination for Chinese outward investment. In 2016 alone, Chinese investments rose 77 percent and reached over 35 billion … » 

Cultural Heritage: Kulturarv or 文化遗产 - an attempt towards a one-word dictionary
Conveners:  Marie Roesgaard and Ingolf Thuesen, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen
The panel will address the meaning of the word heritage in Chinese and in Danish. The importance of heritage cannot be overemphasised. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has negotiated a series of international conventions recognising the significant role of movable and immovable … » 

Global Leadership with Chinese Characteristics?
Conveners: Andreas Bøje Forsby, NIAS and Peter Marcus Kristensen, Dept. of Political Sciences, University of Copenhagen
The political underpinnings of the so-called ‘US-led liberal international order’ are under stress. The United States under President Trump has signaled a retreat from multilateralism, international cooperation on issues ranging from free trade to climate change, and its global leadership responsibilities … »

Globalization, New Technologies and Knowledge Diffusion
Conveners: Morten G. Olsen and Jakob R. Munch, Dept. of Economics, University of Copenhagen
This panel aims to bring together international scholars to exchange ideas and to discuss recent results in theoretical and empirical research on international trade. We particularly encourage researchers to submit papers/abstracts on topics such as trade with China and other Asian countries, offshoring, import competition, exporting … »  

Feasting, drinking and banqueting: Politics and sociality of relating in Eurasia
Convener: Oscar Salemink, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
Anyone who has lived, worked, or done long-term research in Eurasia – specifically East, Southeast Asia and Central Asia, including the former Soviet territories – has experience with specific eating and drinking practices that initiate or cement relations at various moments in the relationship … »

Legal documents and identity construction in Muslim Central Asia
Conveners: Aysima Mirsultan and Ildikó Bellér-Hann, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen
In recent years, a number of excellent studies based on legal documents have set new standards and inspired further research on Islamic Central Asia. The panel aims to bring together well-established and young researchers working on legal documents produced in this region in the 19th and 20th centuries … »

Religion in Consumer Society: Perspectives from Asia
Conveners: Trine Brox, Jane Caple and Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen
Over the past three decades, we have witnessed astonishing economic growth and the emergence of new markets and cultures of consumption across Asia. Rather than being eclipsed by such ‘late modern’ transformations, traditional and new forms of religion are intertwined with contemporary consumer cultures … »

Researching Digital in Asia
Convener: Jun Liu, Dept. of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen
The panel invites scholars to discuss and (critically) reflect upon research related to digitalization, informationalization, and datafication of Asian societies. Digital development is enabling new ways of knowing society, from online surveillance to behavioral analytics to real-time research … »

War in East Asia? The Role of China and the United States
Conveners: Bertel Heurlin, Dept. of Political Science, University of Copenhagen and
Ji You, Dept. of Government and Public Administration, University of Macau
The concept East Asian Peace has been generally accepted as a phenomenon since the cold war. The last few years have, however, exhibited a region where war preparation is openly demonstrated. China is now aiming at a world class military … »

Rebellion and Conformity: Youth and the State in East and Southeast Asia
Convener: Olga Dror, Texas A&M University
The 1960s and the first half of the 1970s was arguably the apex of rebellion and conformity in many parts of the world – civil unrest sprung from the student demonstrations in Paris, the anti-war movement, hippies, and Woodstock in the United States, the Dirty War in Mexico were only some of the signifiers of rebellions … »

Vertigo: Bodily reflections of disorder and disruption
Convener: Yen Vu, Cornell University
Vertigo, defined as “a disordered state of mind, or of things, comparable to giddiness," hones particularly in on the individual and human experience. This panel engages with the human body in singular and plural form, the movement of body/bodies, and the body as a physical and psychological canvas that reflects or represents disorder … »

Changing Places: inequality and integration
Chaired by Cecilia Milwertz and Nicol Foulkes Savinetti, NIAS, University of Copenhagen

Government and governing through creation, continuity and transitions
Chaired by Ildikó Bellér-Hann, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen

Performance, power and cultural production
Chaired by Marie Roesgaard, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen