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10th Annual International ADI Conference
Asian Dynamics Initiative, University of Copenhagen
18-20 June 2018


Globalization, New Technologies and Knowledge Diffusion

Conveners: Morten G. Olsen and Jakob R. Munch, Dept. of Economics

This panel aims to bring together international scholars to exchange ideas and to discuss recent results in theoretical and empirical research on international trade.

All papers in the field of international trade and globalization will be considered, but we particularly encourage researchers to submit papers/abstracts on topics such as trade with China and other Asian countries, offshoring, import competition, exporting, technological change, automation, and knowledge spillovers.

19 June

Globalization, New Technologies and Knowledge Diffusion

Session 1

Room 35.0.12


David Hemous, University of Zurich

Automating Labor: Evidence from Firm-level Patent Data

Björn Thor Arnarson, University of Copenhagen

Instrumental Exporting

Anders Humlum, Princeton University

Automation and Work

David Jinkins, Copenhagen Business School

Two sided Search in International Markets

11:00-11:15 Break

Tibor Besedes, Georgia Institute of Technology

Trade Liberalization and Female Welfare: Less Discrimination or New Discrimination?

Anusree Paul, Jawaharlal Nehru University

India-China Trade Development Strategies - What Factors Matter the Most?

Morten G. Olsen, University of Copenhagen

Automation, Offshoring and Inequality