17 August 2016

Guest researcher positions at NIAS

Pre X-mas offer from NIAS!

NIAS is now offering two guest-researcher positions in late 2016 for the duration of 1 to 3 months. We provide excellent research facilities, including a digital library focusing on modern Asia, a good Nordic as well as world-wide network of contacts within Asian studies, and, not least an inspiring intellectual atmosphere. In return, we expect our applicants to be team players, and willing to contribute to the dynamic academic environment at NIAS.

Mapping the Human landscapes of EurAsia, response to changing environmental and socio-cultural conditions is our general research program. Our academic aim is to promote inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural and thus comparative research. Its focal point is the role and impact of Asia in a globalizing world. Of special interest is the growing importance that Asia has for the Nordic region, including Asia and the changing Arctic.

The offer is eligible for scholars at Nordic universities and covers travel expenses and reasonable accommodation as well as a modest monthly grant. Conditions are flexible and will be negotiated upon agreement between the guest-researcher and NIAS.

Application deadline is 9 September 2016 at noon.

Please apply by sending an e-mail including a short research project description, updated CV and the preferred period of stay to katrine.herold@nias.ku.dk

NIAS operates as a Nordic organization and from a Nordic perspective. We have a contractual relationship with the Nordic Council of Ministers, which is the main financial contributor to our activities. This means that mainly we work from a Nordic base. However, this is not a forced priority - our Nordic focus is our major strength. NIAS is also closely connected to the University of Copenhagen through a host institution agreement with the Department of Political Science, which has administrative and legal responsibility for NIAS.