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Photo: Ding Zhou


Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI) is a cross-faculty Asia focus based at the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. ADI's main objectives are to coordinate existing research and teaching on Asia and to create a common platform for new, interdisciplinary Asian studies and research at the UCPH.

On these pages you will get an overview of research activities and research environments related to Asia.

In 2011-12 ADI conducted mappings of the University of Copenhagen's numerous collaborations with Chinese and Indian partners. On the websites below you will find lists of Sino-Danish and Indo-Danish research collaboration including large, formalized projects and centres as well as researcher to researcher connections.

Since 2012 ADI has coordinated the pan university action plan for China in close collaboration with academic staff from various faculties and departments. 

In 2017 collaboration with and research on South Korea at the University of Copenhagen was mapped.