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Funding opportunities


International Network Programme

Ministry of Higher Education and Science's International Network Programme supports network activities between Danish and foreign researchers from China (incl. Hong Kong), India, Israel, Japan, USA, Brazil, the Republic of Korea, South Africa and Turkey. Application deadline 16 May 2018
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Funding opportunities: Grand Solutions 2018, Innovation Fund Denmark
Calls include: "New technological Opportunites", "The Future Society", and an open call.
Grand Solutions is open for both public research institutions, small and larger businesses, and other public instituions, both Danish and international. The Innovation Fund Denmark prioritises a large degree of cooporation between these parties. Deadline for application is 14 August 2018.
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Funding guides

Funding guide compiled by ADI
The funding guide includes an overview of national, European and Asian funding opportunities as well as a selection of websites, databases, guides and forums with lists and further information on funding opportunities, fellowships and research initiatives.
ADI's Funding Guide 

Funding Guide for researchers, collaborating with China 2017
Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai has published the 2017 version of their "Funding Guide for Danish Researchers, Collaborating with China".
The guide provides an overview over Danish, European, and Chinese funding opportunities for researchers at Danish institutions who wish to initiate a collaboration with a Chinese colleague as well as excisting programmes and deadlines for applications. 
Download the guide (PDF) or learn more on the Innovation Centre's webpage.

Guide on funding opportunities for Mobility, Research, Innovation and Export between India and Denmark, 2016
The first edition of the Innovation Centre Denmark New Delhi & Bangalores Funding Guide
Download the guide (PDF) or learn more here.

EURAXESS China links researchers in China with Europe. Free information and events on research funding, research careers and collaboration opportunities.
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