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Selection of book chapters, contributions to edited volumes and anthologies


Gill, BaniBehind the Silence: Sexual Violence against Afghan and Burmese Refugee women in Delhi. /Breaching the Citadel: The India Papers. red. / Urvashi Butalia. Zubaan Books, 2018.

Hirslund, Dan VesalainenCulture wars: post-revolutionary mobilization in Nepal. / Beyond Radicalisation: Ethnographies of organized violence and militant mobilization. red. / Henrik Erdam Vigh; Steffen Jensen. 2018.

Roszko, Edyta: Maritime Silk Road’ in past and present: Locating China’s new regional and trans-regional initiative in the context of modern territorial claims to the South China Sea, In The New Silk Road in the Context of East Asian Relations and Wider International Implications. Amado Mendes, C. (ed.). Taylor Francis Group, Routledge, 2018 (Accepted/In press)


Bunkenborg, Mikkel: Empty Diseases and Horror Vacui in Rural Hebei / Bunkenborg, Mikkel & Susanne Bregnbæk (eds): Emptiness and Fullness: Ethnographies of Lack and Desire in Contemporary China (Berghahn Books, 2017), p. 104-119.

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Salemink, Oscar: Development Subjects and Intransitive and Transitive Formds of Development / Chayan Vaddhanaphuti (ed): Rethinking Development Studies in Southeast Asia : State of Knowledge and Challenges (Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Social Sciences, 2017), p. 16-27.

Wahlberg, Ayo & Niklas Rose: Guvernementaliseringen af livet - beregningen af den globale sundhed / Mads Peter Karlsen & Kaspar Villadsen (eds): Sundhed og Magt (Copenhagen: Hans Reitzel, 2017), p. 59-105.

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Jackson, Andrew David: DPRK Film, Order No. 27 and the Acousmatic Voice. / Korean Screen Cultures: Interrogating Cinema, TV, Music and Online Games. red. / Andrew David Jackson; Colette Balmain. Oxford : Peter Lang, 2016. s. 161-176.

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Roszko, Edyta: Geographies of connection and disconnection : Narratives of seafaring in Lý Sơn. / Connected and Disconnected in Viet Nam: Remaking Social Relationships in a Post-socialist Nation. red. / Philip Taylor. Canberra : Australian National University Press, 2016. s. 347-377 (Vietnam series).

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Borggreen, GunhildCute and Cool in Contemporary Japanese Visuel Arts. / Social Aesthetics: In Between Experiencing and Imaging. red. / Anders Michelsen; Frederik Tygstrup. Leiden : Brill Academic Publishers, Incorporated, 2015

Borggreen, Gunhild: Drawing Disaster : Manga Response to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake / Comics and Power. red. / Anne Magnussen; Rikke Platz Cortsen; Erin La Cour. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015

Bunkenborg, MikkelIncense and the Magic of Disappearances. / Between Magic and Rationality: On the Limits of Reason in the Modern World. red. / Vibeke Steffen; Steffen Jöhncke; Kirsten Marie Raahauge. Copenhagen : Museum Tusculanum, 2015. s. 175-195.

Delman, JørgenUrban climate change politics in China: Fragmented authoritarianism and governance innovations in Hangzhou. / Earthquakes, Energy and the Environment: Fragmented authoritarianism in China today (tentative). red. / Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard; Andrew Mertha. Routledge, 2015.

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Janeja, Manpreet Kaur2015: Rethinking Street Foods: Street Food Hospitality in Contemporary Calcutta. / Food Hawkers: Selling in the Street from Antiquity to the Present. red. / M Calaresu; D Van den Heuvel. Farnham : Ashgate, 2015.

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Ulfstjerne, Michael Alexander, 2015: Unfinishing Buildings. Assembling Architecture: Archeology, affect and the performance of building spaces. 2015. (Archaeological Orientations).


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Contributors from the Waterworlds project and Department of Anthropology:
- Chapter 1: “Nature: Anthropology on the Edge” by Kirsten Hastrup 
- Chapter 3: “Qualifying Coastal Nature: Bio-Conservation Projects in South East India” by Frida Hastrup 
- Chapter 4: “Engaged World-Making: Movements of Sand, Sea, and People at Two Pacific Islands” by Marie Louise Bønnelykke Robertson & Cecilie Rubow 
- Chapter 6: “Islands of Nature: Insular Objects and Frozen Spirits in Northern Mongolia” by Morten Axel Pedersen 
- Chapter 11: “Human Activity Between Nature and Society: The Negotiation of Infertility in China” by Ayo Wahlberg 
- Chapter 12: “Broken Cosmologies: Climate, Water, and State in the Peruvian Andes” by Karsten Pærregaard
- Chapter 13: “Of Maps and Men: Making Places and People in the Arctic” by Kirsten Hastrup

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