About ADI - Asian Dynamics Initiative

The Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI) promotes interdisciplinary scholarship in Asian languages, cultures, societies, and politics that is taking place at the University of Copenhagen.

Founded in 2008 as a cross-faculty programme between the Humanities and the Social Sciences, ADI has created a unique environment for both specialized and interdisciplinary research collaborations on Asia and has also been vital in fostering new research collaborations and mentoring early career scholars. 

Through the wide dissemination of frontier research, teaching, delivering workshops and seminars, and sharing publications and podcasts, ADI is a key player in the Nordic region when it comes to the dissemination of knowledge on Asia. 

Over the years this collaborative space has evolved to provide value outside of the university environment, within industry. ADI contributes to vital policy and public debates that adress complex regional and global affairs relating to Asia by connecting research and insights from the University of Copenhagen with stakeholders in society who are dealing with an increasingly important Asia-Pacific. 

ADI is situated at the Department for Cross Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS) at the Faculty of Humanities. It is managed by a Steering Committee representing scientists from both the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences. ADI also engages an External Advisory Board. 


Ravinder Kaur (chair) Associate Professor, Modern India and South Asia Studies, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

John Rand (deputy chair)

Professor, Department of Economics

Annika Hvithamar Head of Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
Ayo Wahlberg Professor, Department of Anthropology
Elena Meyer-Clement Associate Professor, China studies, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
Peter Marcus Kristensen Associate Professor, Department of Political Science 



Camilla Mordhorst CEO at Danish Cultural Institute 
Charlotte Flindt Pedersen Director at Danish Foreign Policy Society 
Henrik Østergaard Breitenbauch Dean at Royal Danish Defence College 
Lars Højer Deputy Director for Research, Collection and Conversation at National Museum 
Morten Elkjær
Vice President, Finance Sector and Business Development at Investment Fund for Developing Countries
Anders Peder Bøtker Siegumfeldt

Deputy Director, Department for Asia, Latin America and Oceania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Peter Bøgh Hansen

China Political Director, Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).