About ADI

About Asian Dynamics Initiative

Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI) is a cross-faculty Asia focus at the University of Copenhagen. ADI aims at coordinating existing research and teaching on Asia as well as creating a common platform for new, interdisciplinary Asian studies and research.

For Denmark and the Western World, Asia has become increasingly important as a powerful player on the global scene. Today, it is of strategic importance to tackle what is often called the challenge of the "Asian Century". To grasp the dynamics of Asia, we need to both understand and learn from Asia, which includes focusing on intra-Asian relations that invariably influence decisions and developments in and out of Asia.

The overall purpose of the initiative is to strengthen and develop research and teaching on Asia. ADI organizes interdisciplinary research activities, courses, seminars and workshops covering social, economic, political, cultural, and religious complexities in Asia.

ADI is based in the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences.