Contemporary Buddhism

The summer school has been cancelled due to the global Covid-19 emergency.

About the summer school

The days of the summer school will be broken into blocks of time with a variety of teaching formats and activities. There will be formal lectures and group discussions led by leading scholars of Contemporary Buddhism who engage in research in different parts of the world.

Students will be introduced to key concepts and seminal work within the field of Contemporary Buddhist Studies. There will also be blocks for discussion, group work, writing assignments, learning fieldwork methods and ethnography, and field visits where students will gain a firsthand experience of how contemporary Buddhism manifests in new places such as Denmark.

The summer school seeks to cultivate knowledge and understanding of:

  • Recent research within the fields of Contemporary Buddhist Studies
  • Theoretical and conceptual approaches for analysing Buddhism in the contemporary world

As well as skills in:

  • Finding and structuring knowledge about a particular research topic and issue
  • Critical reading and analysis of academic texts and popular media resources related to this topic
  • Discussing and problematizing the topic through analyzing how this topic is written about in primary and secondary literature
  • Writing an academic assignment, including citing sources appropriately
  • Critically engaging with Buddhism and the ways in which Buddhism is propounded and practiced in the contemporary world in Asia and beyond
  • Conducting an analysis of texts, primary and secondary
  • Handling and integrating theory into the written and oral assignment





























































Note: this course is not meant for students interested in learning about Buddhist philosophy and the tenets of Buddhism. In this course, we focus on ‘lived Buddhism’ not on text-based studies of Buddhism.

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