8 January 2014

Asia in a Changing Arctic

With support from the Nordic Council of Ministers, NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen, has been researching Asian objectives and ambitions in the Arctic under the project title “Asia in a changing Arctic”. Although there has been some media interest in Asia’s role in the Arctic, this often relies on easy assumptions about Asian foreign policies. This project digs deeper into the origins and creation of the Asian Arctic policies and provides a platform for Asian scholars working on Arctic affairs.

Members of the project are:

  • Geir Helgesen, Director of NIAS and senior researcher
  • Aki Tonami, Researcher at NIAS


  • Christopher M. Dent, Professor of East Asia’s International Political Economy, East Asian Studies, University of Leeds
  • Vijay Sakhuja, Director (research) at the Indian Council of World Affairs, Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore
  • Clemens Stubbe Østergaard, Senior research fellow at NIAS, associate professor at Aarhus University, Denmark