21 January 2021

Book launch

East-West Reflections on Demonization 
North Korea Now, China Next?

Edited by Geir Helgesen and Rachel Harrison, NIAS Press, 2020

Tune in and hear the editors elaborate on the ideas behind the book, as well as presentations of select chapters by the respective authors. 

About the book

Although the rapid spread worldwide of the coronavirus in 2020 has focused minds everywhere on the dangers of a global pandemic, other dangers facing the world have not diminished. Failure to resolve issues relating to the divided Korean peninsula is one of these. In East-West Reflections on Demonization: North Korea Now, China Next?, 18 scholars from Asia, the United States and Europe share their insights as they strive to get beyond the everyday rhetoric clouding the situation. They address the demonization issue as a multidimensional problem, exploring its different aspects from Western and Eastern perspectives. 

The book is available for purchase at NIAS Press.