15 July 2021

Heritagizing Asian cities: space, memory and vernacular heritage practices

IJHS FrontcoverProfessor Oscar Salemink, contributed as co-editor with Professor Marina Svensson, Lund University to the theme issue of the International Journal of Heritage Studies 27(8) titled "Heritagizing Asian Cities: Space, memory, and vernacular heritage practices". Oscar Salemink authored the introduction which is open access and available at: https://www-tandfonline-com

The theme issue is a result of the panel “Heritagizing Asia: The politics of time and space in Asian cities” that Professor Oscar Salemink convened for the 2016 Asian Dynamics Initiative conference. In the Introduction Salemink offers the concept of vernacular heritage as a way of theorizing how different groups of ‘lay people’ – in this case in Asian cities – with varying connections to specific heritage sites, environments and practices remember, conceive, perceive, experience, imagine and practice that cultural heritage.

The International Journal of Heritage Studies is the main outlet for what is called “critical heritage studies” – a field in which anthropologists figure prominently – and has under the editorship of Professor Laurajane Smith of the Australian National University become one of the most prestigious journals in heritage studies.

For more information on the theme issue, please visit: https://www-tandfonline-com.ep.fjernadgang.kb.dk/toc/rjhs20/27/8?nav=tocList