14 August 2014

In Focus - A new Nordic journal for young researchers on Asia

NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies has since 2007 run the blog IN FOCUS, providing academics and researchers on Asia a forum for discussions on up-to-date topics in Asia.

Now we want to take advantage of this platform and publish a biannual journal for Master students and Ph.D. students affiliated to a Nordic institution to publish their findings in a widely accessible and transnational forum. The journal will focus on modern Asian societies from Central Asia to Oceania (excluding Australia and New Zealand) viewed from the standpoints of social science and humanities.

We aim at a high academic level in a short, focused and readable form. We encourage experimental article formats; e.g. interviews, graphs or field reports based on in depth studies. The journal will be freely available for download and online reading on the Asiaportal.

Time Schedule

Abstract deadline: 15 September
Send in approx. 500 words, including research questions and main findings.
Article deadline: 15 October
Publication: January

Article requirements and more information can be found here.

Call for Editors

If you are interested in joining the editorial team, please send a motivated application with your CV to info@nias.ku.dk. The editors will meet 2-3 times from November to January at NIAS, Faculty of Social Science, Copenhagen University. If your place of residence is outside of Copenhagen we will arrange skype meetings.