Asian Futures

India's China Challenge

A Journey through China’s Rise and What It Means for India
by Ananth Krishnan

16 March 2021

In his book from 2020, Ananth Krishnan attempts to unpack India’s four-fold China challenge: the political challenge of dealing with a one-party state that is looking to increasingly shape global institutions; the military challenge of managing an unresolved border; the economic challenge of both learning from China’s remarkable and unique growth story and building a closer relationship; and the conceptual challenge of changing how to think about and engage with China, India's most important neighbour.

India’s China Challenge tells the story of a complex political relationship, and how China — and its leading opinion-makers — view India. It looks at the economic dimensions and cultural connect, and the internal political and social transformations in China that continue to shape both the country’s future and its relations with India.

Ananth Krishnan is China correspondent for The Hindu.

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