3 March 2022

New ADI Steering Committee

Dear ADI Community,
The past two pandemic years have indeed been quite daunting for all of us.  It is all the more impressive, then, that the Asian Dynamics Initiative managed to continue its activities in online/offline hybrid mode. It bespeaks the firm commitment of our community of scholars and practitioners who have helped forge a vibrant research agenda. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed over the years in so many ways.
I am pleased to inform you that a new committee (2022-2024) is taking the baton to steer ADI forward (see below). While we will continue many core activities, we also plan to extend our collective vision in new directions. There will be more news on this front soon.
In the meanwhile, I invite you join us on 4th March, 2022 (Friday) to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The Asian powers are key strategic actors in this unsettling geopolitical scenario. While it is still unclear how the conflict will develop, we can already see how the positions are emerging. What might the future hold for the nascent formations like the Indo-Pacific or the Quad that sought to redraw the global map. Are there other geopolitical formations and potentialities that had been overlooked? Do join and register here.
I would also like to invite you a celebratory event. On 11th March, 2022 (Friday), Professor John Rand will hold his inaugural lecture as an ADI professor at the Department of Economics. Professor Rand specializes in development economics and has worked over many years in Asia especially in Vietnam and Myanmar. Do sign up for the event here.
A longer newsletter with forthcoming events and news follows soon.
I look forward to a continued engagement with all of you. Hopefully, in person this year.
Thank you,
Ravinder Kaur (Chairperson)
The 2022-2024 steering committee:
Ravinder Kaur (Chair)
John Rand (Deputy Chair)
Elena Meyer Clement
Annika Hvithamar
Peter Marcus Kristensen
Duncan McCargo
Bjarke Oxlund
Barbara Wall
Casper Wichmann (interim coordinator)