16 March 2012

Call for applications

The Asian Dynamics Initiative invites researchers employed at the University of Copenhagen (including PhD Fellows) to submit applications for financial support of max 10.000 DKK for Asia related activities, projects and travels in 2012.

The fund pool consists of 100.000 DKK.

ADI will not fund salary replacement (frikøb) to buy out teaching responsibilities. Nor activities which have already taken place.

The deadline for application submission is 30 April 2012. The ADI Steering Committee will assess the submitted applications. Applicants can expect an answer by 10 May.

The application should include:

• Description of activity and aim (2 pages)

• Budget

• Expected follow up and possible publication plans

A premise for receiving the grant is that all expenses are settled within 2012.

Applications should be sent by email as a PDF file to marie.yoshida@nias.ku.dk no later than 30 April 2012.