3 September 2018

Call for Editors - Asia in Focus

Asia in Focus is an entirely free open access publication devoted to research on modern Asian societies from the standpoint of the humanities and the social sciences, ranked Level 1 in Norway.

The journal distinguishes itself from others in the field by publishing brand new and innovative research being produced by Masters and PhD students. There is a double-blind review process, hence the identity of the reviewers and authors are not disclosed to either party. Asia in Focus publishes two issues per year and have a short turnaround time for the entire review and publishing process (6 months).

Asia in Focus provides editors with a unique opportunity to support early career researchers in getting a good start to their working life within academia. We pride ourselves on giving detailed, constructive and critical feedback and aim to set students up for success, whether their submission ends up being published or not. The Editorial Committee is made up of an international team of reviewers and administrators based in the Nordic region, and our external expert review team is global. We are presently looking to recruit three new members for the Editorial Committee.

Application and deadline

As a member of the Editorial Committee, you will keep abreast with the most recent work being done in your own regional, methodological and/or thematic field of enquiry, and also play a significant role in shaping the work being done in related fields.
Members of the Editorial Committee must:

  • Have solid expertise on one or more region/country of Asia
  • Be affiliated to a Nordic institute of higher education
  • Be usually resident in the Nordic region
  • Have completed a doctoral degree

Once you join the team, you will:

  • Be identified as a member of the Editorial Committee on all Asia in Focus platforms
  • Be expected to attend two editorial meetings per issue, via Skype or face-to-face.
  • Be expected to review between 1 and 3 papers per issue
  • Participate actively in the evolution of the journal on a practical and strategic level

Include in your application your full CV and a short cover note detailing
- biographical information
- your interest in the position you are applying for
- a description of your research interests (country/regional focus; theoretical and methodological interests and expertise)

Asia in Focus is particularly interested in recruiting editors with research interests in literature, the arts, popular culture and ITC.

Mail your application to Nicol Savinetti by 30 September

Read the call for editors at Asia in Focus' website.